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About Us


A Note from the Owner

My experience in the restaurant business began when I was just a child.  My parents started the original Pancho’s Villa Restaurant in 1985 located on 1st Street in Grand Junction next door to Fuoco’s.  It was there that my dad created the delicious green chili recipe that I still use today. My brothers and sisters and I grew up with farm fresh eggs, fresh goat milk, farm fed chickens and elk and venison that we harvested ourselves.  Childhood memories of selling our homegrown hogs at the Mesa County Fair was a huge part of our childhood.  Now I’m so glad my own children have the same opportunity.  Through my sister and brother-in-law, who operate a cattle ranch in South Dakota, I have learned and seen first hand the hard work that goes into bringing safe, wholesome beef to consumers.  

Here at the Strayhorn Grill, we carefully select and harvest our beef and swine from the highest quality available.  Our steaks are aged for optimal flavor and tenderness for you, our guest.  Our suppliers source our beef when the climate and feed conditions are optimal to bring you the very best.

Our mission at the Strayhorn Grill is to simply bring the very best quality from the farmers & ranchers to your table.  We believe the true backbone of this great country are those incredible folks raising & growing our food.  We are excited to honor these remarkable families in each plate we serve. Thank you for joining us today!  We hope you enjoy! 

Aaron Smith, Owner

Strayhorn Grill

Fruita, CO 

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